People’s Choice Area

People’s Choice Competition is a great way to taste our teams’ cooking!

You, the public, can taste competitors’ meat and our teams can get local input.  This is a blind contest, so the judging cannot be influenced.

  • For $10 you will receive 10 tickets for Friday and for $10 another 10 tickets for Saturday.
  • On Friday you can taste 10 wings from the selection offered, and on Saturday you can taste 10 different pulled pork samples.
  • Mark the 10 you taste on the ballot. Judge the appearance, the taste and the texture, then place your winning number in the top right corner of the ballot.
  • Place the ballot in the blue voting box.  Two teams will receive a $250 prize of being voted the 1st place Chicken Wing champ or 1st place Pulled Pork champ.

Friday: Chicken Wings 7:00 p.m. until

Saturday: Pulled Pork 12 p.m. until

Tickets are sold day-of. $10 for 10 samples